This website is Cordero's online music portfolio. Dedicated for fans to enjoy his Art. 

Cordero started his career in music with DJing back in 2009. He started out DJing at house parties and private events in California and later moved onto playing at nightclubs in Florida. While serving in the US Navy, he would perform for fellow sailors and marines on board the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier and many other military functionsHis Military career allowed him to DJ coast to coast in the states and also gave him the opportunity to perform overseas during deployments in places like Marmaris, Turkey, the Mediterranean and Arabian seas from 2010-2012

After honorably serving his country as a Navy Rescue Swimmer/Sonar Operator for 6 years, he decided to pursue his passion for music and dedicated his life to becoming an artist. He studied audio engineering, production and music theory in Hollywood, California. Cordero has been involved and active in the music community by volunteering at many music events such as Pensado Awards, TEC Awards hosted by NAMM, Artist Max, music festivals and various other music expo's. 

While living in Los Angeles, he was introduced to many professional recording studios such as Eastwest, The Village and Ocean studios. His passion for studio life and music grew deeper which led him to complete his Bachelor of Audio overseas in Byron Bay, Australia. Cordero considers Byron Bay to be his birthplace as an artist. In 2014, he started producing complete tracks and performed them to live audiences at shows in Australia. Click here to view Live Shows gallery

Cordero has worked as a live sound technician all over the United States, overseas and here in Australia's at Bluesfest music festival. He has helped support international acts backstage from artists like Jurassic 5, Sticky Fingers, Trombone Shorty, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic to name a few. Throughout his work in live sound, he picked up various techniques from artists and has been able to setup and perform many shows by himself making him a truly independent artist. 

He is constantly learning and applying new techniques to his music. He studied music theory at world renowned music production school Dubspot in Los Angeles and audio engineering at SAE 'School of Audio Engineering' Hollywood and Byron Bay.  Currently he has completed 3 EPs and is continuously working on fresh new music. Adapting to his surroundings, he is constantly collaborating with fellow producers, seeking out vocalists and learning everything he can about all styles of music. 

Cordero uses Logic X to produce, Ableton to perform and Protools to mix. He uses analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, effects processors and records acoustic instruments and vocal performances in various recording studios. He has built his own production studio called 'LAZER Studios'. Click here to view Lazer studios gallery

Also a song writer, he's written lyrics to all of his music. Reflecting on his own real life experiences, such as being away from loved ones With Love to grieving for people who have passed away in his life Au Revoir. Musique with emotion. 

Lastly, he is also a photographer and videographer. Most photos in this website have been shot and edited by himself. He also designed all artwork for each song's cover. 

- Stay tuned for more Art -


                                         Special Thanks: (in no particular order) SAE LA & SAE Byron Bay teams, Dubspot LA,                                                                                                GUD Photography, @10_oz_, Kevin Tinland, Jevon Ellison, Jason Harper, Emily Eaton,                                                                                                Megan Donnelly, Taylor Van Essen, Miles Hanson, Gideon Gelbart, Mitch Viney, Holly Tapp                                                                                        Markus Yaranon and most importantly my Family and God. You guys have directly                                                                                                    contributed towards making my Dreams a reality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Cheers!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - CORDERO -